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UT Students for Idle No More



A working group to organize in support of Idle No More has been called together, and anyone interested is welcome to join. Below is a description of the group and its tentative aims, prepared by Nicole Latulippe after our first meeting:

“We had representation today from NSA, GSU, CUPE, GGAPSS, UTUA, OISE/INE and probably others. We settled on the idea of an Idle No More week from March 18th to 22nd. Different groups have agreed to coordinate a range of events from banner and poster making, film screenings, music night, educational panel/discussion, rally and round dance. For the panel, themes include, but are not limited to: bill C-45, environmental issues facing all Canadians, University complicity, resource extraction and the financial sector in Canada/globally, issues facing Indigenous students, ‘colonial Toronto’, for lack of a better term, and maybe an approach to these issues with a loving heart? Nothing is set and all ideas are welcome.

Our next meeting will fall after the Treaty Relationships and Sovereignty panel happening next week (Feb 8th, from noon-2pm at First Nations House – please see poster attached and SHARE). We’ll meet on the 8th at 2pm at First Nations House, and please invite others who may have missed today. It will be a planning meeting. The goal is to advertise at the beginning of March on campus and invite other campuses/schools in the GTA.”

Anyone interested can contact Matthew Pettit (matthew[dot]pettit[at]mail[dot]utoronto[dot]ca) to be added to the Google Group (listserv) and Google Calendar we use to organize.


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