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Adam Allentuck
Supervisor: E.B. Banning and T.M. Friesen
Degree: PhD
Research: My research project focuses on zooarchaeology at the Early Bronze I village of Horvat ‘Illin Tahtit in central Israel. Questions of taphonomy, the use of space, and the relationship between these factors will be brought to bear on the animal bone data from this site.
Email: a.allentuck(at)UT

Sue Beckwith
Supervisors: Dr. Banning, Dr. Miller
Degree:  PhD
Research: Architecture of the American Southwest Pueblo communities in New Mexico; the built environment and its ability to be shaped by and to shape social behaviour; 3D computer modelling of community architectural structures, and visibility analysis using social network analysis
Email: s.beckwith(at)mail.utoronto.ca

Peter Bikoulis
Supervisor: Ted Banning
Degree: PhD
Research: : I am primarily interested in the Late Prehistory of Southwest Asia, especially focused on the Neolithic. Other research interests include Geographic Information Science (GISc) and Landscape and Spatial approaches to the past (including Archaeological Survey, Settlement Patterns, Space Syntax, and Social Network Analysis).

David Bilton
Supervisor: Gary Coupland
Degree: PhD
Research: My research focuses on the emergence of social inequality and complexity among hunter-gatherers, especially in the Northwest Coast. I excavate households and middens in Sechelt, BC.
Email: david.bilton(at)UT

Gregory Braun
Supervisor: Heather M.-L. Miller
Degree: PhD
Research: My main interest is in Neolithic technologies, particularly how the mechanical and social performance of ceramic objects articulated with technologies of manufacture, use and eventual discard. I am currently using analytical techniques such as petrography, scanning electron microscopy, and inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry to examine pottery recovered from the Middle Iroquoian site of Holly (Ontario), and the Late Neolithic occupation at ‘Ayn Ghazal (Jordan).
Email: greg.braun(at)UT

Susan Dermarkar
Supervisor: David G. Smith
Degree: PhD
Research: I am investigating the validity of the Ontario Iroquois Tradition through the analysis of the cultural and ethnic separation of the Northern and Southern Division Huron between A.D. 1400 and 1600. I will be reviewing cultural material and reports from the Draper, Baumann, Carson, and Keffer sites.
Email: s.dermarkar(at)UT, dermarkar(at)lincsat.com

Guy S. Duke
Supervisor(s): Edward Swenson
Degree: PhD (3rd year)
Research: I have a deep interest in the foods and beverages people eat and drink and how different foods in different contexts are integral aspects of group identity. I am exploring this through my study of the cuisines of the Jequetepeque Valley, Peru, during the Late Moche Period (AD 600-850), where I will investigate the potentially differential cuisines of quotidian meals and commensal events in a multi-site analysis.
Website: http://utoronto.academia.edu/GuyDuke
Email: guy.duke(at)mail.utoronto.ca

Rebecca Goodwin
Supervisor: Max Friesen
Degree: MSc
Research: Zooarchaeology, subsistence, Arctic archaeology
Contact: rebecca(dot)goodwin(at)mail(dot)utoronto(dot)ca

Candis Haak
Supervisor: Heather M.-L. Miller
Degree: PhD
Research: My research interests focus on South Asian archaeology as well as issues of space and ritual pratices. This has allowed me to bring together my interpretive uses of GIS for landscape archaeological analyses and cognitive geography with historical, religious, mytho-religious and philosophical data. Principally, my research addresses how perceptions and experiences shape and become reflected in sacred geography engendered through the institution of pilgrimage of the medieval Hindu empire of Vijayanagara, India.
Email: candis.haak(at)UT

Lesley Howse
Supervisor: Max Friesen
Degree: PhD
Research: How technology effects hunter-gatherer archaeofaunas’ of the Eastern Arctic is the subject of my doctoral research. In general I am interested in how hunter-gatherers interacted with their environment. I am specifically interested in Arctic anthropology/archaeology and zooarchaeological theory, I am keen at learning different types of zooarchaeological methodologies. I am also interested in how archaeofaunas can help interpret the use of space within hunter-gatherer households, and how animal behavior can aide in the interpretation of animal acquisition.
Email: lesley.howse(at)UT

Danielle Macdonald
Supervisor: Michael Chazan
Degree: PhD
Research: Lithic and use-wear analysis of the Levantine Epipalaeolithic, social identity, materiality, and technology studies.
Email: danielle.macdonald(at)UT

Lara McFadden
Supervisor: Gary Coupland
Degree: MSc
Research: Zooarchaeology, British Columbia, Coast Salish, archaeology of food, mortuary ritual, feasting studies, complex hunter-gatherer societies, social inequality
Email: lara.mcfadden(at)utoronto.ca

Giles Spence Morrow
Supervisor: Edward R. Swenson
Degree: PhD
Research: Spatial analysis of urban and ritual architecture in the pre-Columbian Andes.
Email: gspence.morrow(at)UT

Matthew Mosher
Supervisor: Heather Miller
Degree: PhD
Research: I am interested in the intersection of community identity and the built environment amongst ancient state-level societies, and how this articulates with larger processes of urbanism and political organization, particularly among the Classic Maya of Mesoamerica and the Indus Valley Civilization of South Asia. Other academic interests include the comparative and interdisciplinary study of urbanism and complex societies, political economy, strategies of political organization, the relationship between religious and political systems, anthropological theory, architectural analysis and social memory.

Lauren Norman
Supervisor: Max Friesen
Degree: PhD
Research: My research will focus on analyzing faunal spatial patterns from multiple early Thule Inuit houses from Alaska to Greenland. I want to investigate the use of the Historical Inuit ethnographic record in the Arctic and how, or if, it relates to household patterning of the archaeological record of the Thule Inuit.
Email: lauren.norman(at)UT

Marie-Annick Prevost
Supervisor: Gary Crawford
Degree: PhD
Research: Palaeoethnobotanical analysis of the Cote Rouge site (Quebec, Canada)
Email: marieannick.prevost(at)UT

Sara Rhodes
Supervisor: Michael Chazan
Degree: MSc.
Research:  My research interests are based on the zooarchaeology of the Paleolithic of Spain and South Africa.  I am particularly interested in the effects taphonomy on skeletal assemblages and the study of micromammal remains.
Email: sara.rhodes(at)mail.utoronto.ca

Talena Stevenson
Supervisor: David Smith
Degree: PhD
Research: Ontario and Great Lakes region archaeology; Iroquoian focus.
Email: talena.atfield(at)UT

Jayne Wilkins
Supervisor: Michael Chazan
Degree: PhD
Research: Technological behaviour and raw material economy during the Earlier and Middle Stone Age occupations of the Northern Cape, South Africa.
Email: jayne.wilkins(at)UT

Emma Yasui
Supervisor: Gary Crawford
Degree: PhD
Research:  My current research project concerns the lithic technology of Jomon Period Japan, and how stone materials were integrated into daily activities.  In general, I am interested in the prehistory and history of Japan, as well as how people in the past used objects to interact with their environment.   Through a combination of use wear and residue analysis I want to examine how stone tools were used within a site or specific pit dwellings, and what this kind of research can contribute to broader Jomon subsistence studies.  The materials that I work on come from sites in northern Japan, such as the Yagi site in southwestern Hokkaido.
Email: emma.yasui(at)mail.utoronto.ca

Emily Hubbard
Supervisor: E.B. Banning
Degree: PhD
My research involves the use of micromorphology and soil analysis to address issues related to storage, secondary product use and use of space at the Chalcolithic site of Tel Tsaf, Israel.
email: emily.hubbard(at)mail(dot)utoronto(dot)ca

* UT = mail.utoronto.ca. All emails altered this way for spambot protection.*

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