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Laura Anderson
Supervisor: Dan Sellen
Degree: PhD
Research: My research aims to investigate the determinants fo young children’s diets within Latin American and Tamil newcomer families living in Toronto’s Jane-Finch area. I am exploring mothers’ experiences with household food insecurity, and the influence these experiences have on their feeding decisions for their young children. In addition, I am examining mothers’ constructions of optimal diets for their children with an aim to understand how these constructions affect the impact of current public nutrition programs and services.
Email: laura.anderson(at)gmail

Mike Callaghan
Supervisor(s):  Richard Lee and Dan Sellen
Degree:  PhD
Research: My research focuses on HIV treatment programs in the coastal region of Namibia.  I combines qualitative and quantitative approaches to examine patient outcomes, with the goal of exploring why some patients benefit more than others. More broadly, I`m interested in globalization, health, gender, development and governance.
Webpage: http://utoronto.academia.edu/MikeCallaghan
Email: mike.callaghan(at)mail.utoronto.ca

Walter Callaghan
Supervisor: Michael Lambek
Degree: MA
Research: Operational stress injuries, (Canadian) military culture, stigma, treatment-seeking/adherence behaviour, gendered identity, and the cultural relativity of health/illness ontology & phenomenology.
Email: w.callaghan@mail.utoronto.ca

Arie Molema (Socio-cultural/Medical)
Supervisor(s): Michael Lambek and Holly Wardlow
Degree:  PhD
Research:  My doctoral research explores the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Indian Residential Schools as a window into understanding current shifts in Indigenous-state relations in Canada.  Focusing in particular on the exclusion of Labrador Inuit from the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, my central areas of concern include therapeutic discourse, language ideologies, and the politics of memory in contexts of settler colonialism.
Email: arie.molema(at)mail.utoronto.ca

Peter Skrivanic
Supervisor: Valentina Napolitano & Shiho Satsuka
Degree: PhD
Research: Peter is interested in traditional East Asian medicine, specifically Japanese acupuncture and shiatsu. His research investigates the production and global circulation of this knowledge and related self-cultivation practices.
Email: peter.skrivanic(at)UT

* UT = mail.utoronto.ca. All emails altered this way for spambot protection.*

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