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Medusa Grad Student Symposium


In 2013, the AGSU hosted its first symedusa 2014mposium style Medusa event, which was open to all U of T departments, as well as interested students at other universities.  The event was a great success, with presentations from students in all sub-disciplines.  Faculty are welcome to attend, and students are encouraged to take this opportunity to practice conference presentations or present on their current research.  Medusa strives to bring the sub-disciplines of anthropology together to discuss, polish, and add experience to student CVs in a non-threatening environment.

In previous years, Medusa ran as a student lecture series with one or more dates each semester.  Some past abstracts can be viewed by following the links here: 2011-12 pamphlet 1, 2011-12 pamphlet 2, 2011-12 pamphlet 3.

Medusa abstracts and/or papers can also be published in our graduate student journal, vis-a-vis.

Call for Papers 2014:  The 2nd Annual MEDUSA Graduate Student Colloquium will be on Wednesday March 19th and Thursday March 20th, 2014.  The deadline for submitting papers was Friday February 21st, 2014. More details are available here: 2014 Call for Papers.

The official program for MEDUSA: Change and Continuity can be viewed here: 2014 MEDUSA program.

Abstracts and schedule from the 2013 symposium can be viewed here.



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